Keeping the Conversation Flowing

Keeping the Conversation Flowing

Let’s face it. Awkward silence is in fact...awkward.  When planning for your sessions, keep in mind the outcome of the conversation. This allows you to maintain a steady direction and focus related to the topic at hand.


What are subscribers looking to get out of this session?

Some outcomes might be...


  • Connect and talk (about you, the subscriber, or a common interest)

  • Receive guidance/coaching

  • Learn how to do something

  • Ask you questions related to a specific subject

  • Brainstorm/problem solve

Additionally, you may also want to ask yourself…

What is something they would love to hear from you related to this session topic?

What are three questions you can ask them related to this session topic?

What are some frustrations they may have experienced prior to this session that you could help them solve?


Asking Open Ended Questions

Open ended questions can not simply be answered with a “yes” or a “no” and will require your subscriber to contribute more detail and context to your conversation. This can be particularly useful when you want to prompt a conversation to get back on track, or simply need a break from talking.


Some examples of open ended questions are…

How can I help you with____?

What are some points related to _____ that you wanted to look at?

What other areas of interest do you have as it relates to _____?

What is the best possible thing you could get out of this session? 



You know your subscribers best!  Make your own list of questions relevant to your session and subscribers that can be quickly referenced when the conversation needs to move. 

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