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Video Sessions

Open up your availability and get paid for one-on-one video sessions. Handle cancellations, reschedules and refunds with ease. Guests experience account-free checkout and all sessions are held within the browser.

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Take what's yours! The donation feature on Snugg does not include platform fees. We are here to support your vision.

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Overwhelmed by the amount of inquiries landing in your inbox? Set a price per email and begin maximizing your time and effort when responding.

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Landing Page

Stay true to your brand by specifying fonts, colors, and img. Define the sessions and services you choose to offer. Share your link with the world.

Flexible Payouts

Get paid out when it works best for you. Send funds directly to your bank account or debit card of choice. Track your monthly revenue.

Customized Tools

Easily toggle the tools you wish to use depending on what offerings provide the best value to your audience and creates the most synergy with your brand.

Snugg Support

Support from your team at Snugg is never more than a click away. You can always contact our support desk here. Have ideas for future improvements? Email us!

Outbound Links

Provide links to your social media, affiliates, and more all within your landing page. Snugg is the centralized location for everything you wish to share or offer.


Too much incoming volume can be overwhelming. By placing paywalls within features, such as Inquiries and Sessions, you can maximize the return on your time.

Make 9x more than Adsense alone


According to recent surveys nearly 3 out of every 4 users (74%) think there are too many ads.

The equation is simple, provide real value that people love.

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