Make the most of your time.

Snugg allows people to monetize points of connection and make money online through unified tools such as video sessions, donations, and more.

Video Sessions

Set up your account and share one link to begin monetizing your time through video sessions. Create session types, open up your availability, and start receiving bookings. Handle cancellations, reschedules and refunds with ease. Guests experience account-free checkout and all sessions are held within the browser.

"I had been using Calendly and Zoom for years but the coordination through multiple platforms wasn't scalable. The centralized view of Snugg makes everything easier for both my audience and myself."


We believe the donations you receive should go to you. Unlike other websites that commonly charge between 10-30%, the donation feature on Snugg does not include platform fees. We are here to partner with you and support your vision. Learn more about pricing.

Did you know that when someone makes a Super Chat donation YouTube takes 30%? Snugg does not charge a platform fee when you receive a donation.


Overwhelmed by the amount of inquiries landing in your inbox? Set a price per email and begin maximizing your time and effort when responding.

This feature also helps keep your email private from those browsing websites or social media for contacts to add to their spam lists.

Answering emails takes time. Begin looking at your replies to questions as a valuable service and set a price per inquiry.

There is no higher value than authentic connection.

We believe that as our world becomes more automated it's our job to become closer. Your time in connecting with others isn't only valuable, it's a necessity. Snugg makes this process easier.